Bath and Bristol Branch Seminar

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Event Date : 30 Oct, 2018 05:00 PM - 30 Oct, 2018 07:00 PM

Summary :

Bullshit and Educational Research
Paul McLaughlin, Bath Spa University

Bath and Bristol Branch Seminar Details

Venue :
Bath Spa University, Main House, room G15
City :

In this paper, I intend to explore educational research as a species of intellectual (or at least academic) activity. More specifically, I intend to examine one aspect of this species of activity: namely bullshit(ting). More specifically still, I intend to investigate the appeal of educational researchers to a particular variety of bullshit(ting): namely, philosophical bullshit(ting). In doing so, I will raise and attempt to answer two questions:

(1) What is (philosophical) bullshit(ting)?; and

(2) What’s wrong with (the appeal to philosophical) bullshit(ting) (by educational researchers)?

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