Bedford Branch Seminar

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Event Date : 13 Mar, 2018 06:00 PM - 13 Mar, 2018 08:00 PM

Summary :

Racism as “Reasonableness”: Philosophy for Children and the Gated Community of Inquiry
Darren Chetty (UCL Institute of Education)

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G2.01 (Harvard Lecture Room in the Gateway building) at University of Bedfordshire, Bedford Campus, Polhill Avenue, MK41 9EA
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This event is free. Tickets are available here

In this paper, I argue that the notion of ‘reasonableness’ that is, for many, at the heart of the Philosophy for Children approach particularly and education for democratic citizenship more broadly, is constituted within the epistemology of ‘white ignorance’ (Mills 2007) and operates in such a way that it is unlikely to transgress the boundaries of white ignorance so as to view it from without. Drawing on scholarship in critical legal studies and social epistemology, I highlight how notions of reasonableness often include consensus, ‘racialised common sense’ (Shotwell 2011) and the ‘typical’ view. In addition, the promotion of particular dispositions on the grounds of ‘reasonableness’ both promotes stability and limits how one may think otherwise. Thus, educational practices that fail to historicise, examine and challenge prevailing notions of reasonableness establish an epistemically ‘gated’ community of inquiry.

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