Edinburgh Branch Meeting: 'Am I a critical realist?'

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Event Date : 26 Feb, 2015 04:30 PM

Summary :

Presented by Professor Richard Pring, University of Oxford Department of Education


For further information please contact PESGB Edinburgh Branch Secretary, Dr. Andrea R. English: andrea.english@ed.ac.uk

Edinburgh Branch Meeting: 'Am I a critical realist?' Details

Venue :
Paterson's Land, Room 1.21, Moray House School of Education, University of Edinburgh
City :
Organiser :
Name: Dr Andrea R. English, Email: andrea.english@ed.ac.uk, Institution: University of Edinburgh

Abstract: The paper arises from a recent invitation from Roy Bhaskar (author of 'A Critical Introduction to Contemporary Philosophy') to address his international conference on Critical Realism. Since I did not know what a critical realist is , I was puzzled as to what to say. This paper is an attempt to find out what a critical realist is and whether I am one. Unfortunately Roy died before he could give his verdict. Therefore I leave open this audience to judge whether or not I should be allowed entry to that distinguished club.

For questions, or if attending with a large group, please contact: Dr. Andrea R. English PESGB Branch Secretary andrea.english@ed.ac.uk

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