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Event Date : 22 Nov, 2017 04:00 PM - 22 Nov, 2017 05:45 PM

Summary :

A critique of pure teaching methods and the case of synthetic phonics
With responses from Dominic Wyse (UCL Institute of Education), Paul Smeyers (Ghent University), and Carole Torgerson (Durham University)

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UCL Institute of Education, Nunn Hall
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This new book examines how research into the effectiveness of teaching methods can and should relate to what takes place in the classroom. Andrew Davis provides a philosophical investigation into the nature of reading, and into the concepts that feature in approaches to teaching it. He explores how values of family life should be weighed against the importance of achievements in school. He argues that school reading policies of certain kinds may have a destructive impact if they are felt to trump the private interests of children and their families.

Andrew Davis is a Research Fellow at Durham University’s School of Education. He has research interests include assessment, the philosophy and psychology of mathematical learning, and primary mathematics. The Impact Pamphlet, on which To Read or Not to Read is based is available here.

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