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Event Date : 01 Nov, 2017 05:30 PM - 01 Nov, 2017 07:15 PM

Summary :

Magen Inon (UCL Institute of Education)
Smart drugs for stupid people? An argument against the liberal use of pharmacological cognitive enhancers

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UCL Room828
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Research has shown that various pharmaceuticals have cognition-enhancing effects for healthy individuals. Not only that, the use of so-called ‘smart drugs’ is rising in schools and universities. Supposedly, pharmacological cognitive enhancement (PCE) is the ‘silver-bullet’ in education we’ve all been waiting for. However, many educators share a strong intuition against the widespread use of ‘smart drugs’. But it is hard to justify this feeling of unease. In this paper, I offer an argument against the liberal use of PCE that is based on the idea that ‘smart drugs’, like other intoxicants, distort and impede our understanding of the situation.

Magen Inon is a PhD student at UCL Institute of Education, a teacher at an International School in London, and a mediocre basketball player.

Sessions are followed by a drink and further discussion in the Students’ Union for those who wish to attend. All are welcome.

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