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Event Date : 17 Jan, 2018 05:30 PM

Summary :

Education and the adequacy of options
John White (UCL Institute of Education)

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Room 804, UCL Institute of Education 20 Bedford Way WC1H 0AL
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I discuss a neglected aspect of the goal of equipping learners to lead lives of autonomous well-being – that they have adequate options from which to choose worthwhile activities and relationships. Following an account of autonomous well-being, I criticise Joseph Raz’s views on the adequacy of options and an earlier curriculum-related approach of mine to this topic. I then discuss Eamonn Callan’s curricular suggestions about opening up options before presenting a threefold proposal about how schools and other agencies might provide the range required. The last sections underline changes needed in society if such proposals are to succeed.

John White is Emeritus Professor of Philosophy of Education at UCL Institute of Education, where he has worked since 1965 after teaching in secondary schools and colleges. His interests are in the mind of the learner, and in educational aims and curricula. Recent books include What schools are for and why (2007), Exploring Well-being in Schools (2011), The Invention of the Secondary Curriculum (2011), An Aims-based Curriculum (with Michael Reiss) (2013), Who needs examinations? Climbing ladders and dodging snakes (2014), and What’s wrong with private education? (2015).

Sessions are followed by a drink and further discussion in the Students’ Union for those who wish to attend. All are welcome.

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