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Event Date : 14 Feb, 2018 05:30 PM - 14 Feb, 2018 07:15 PM

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K.E. Løgstrup on Education: Between Luther and Levinas?
Robert Stern (University of Sheffield)

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Room 828, UCL Institute of Education 20 Bedford Way WC1H 0AL
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This paper considers some of the ideas on education put forward by the Danish philosopher and theologian K. E. Løgstrup (1905-81). Løgstrup’s ethics has sometimes been compared to that of Levinas, in his emphasis on our interdependence, and the distinctive nature of our ethical encounters with others. Løgstrup was also a Lutheran, working within that tradition. Alongside his general philosophy, Løgstrup wrote several pieces on education which have had some influence in Denmark. This paper will put Løgstrup’s ideas on education in context, and show how in comparing him to Levinas, his Lutheran background should not be overlooked.

Robert Stern is a professor in the Philosophy Department at the University of Sheffield. He has published mainly on German Idealism (particularly Kant and Hegel), and is currently working on the Danish philosopher and theologian K E Løgstrup.

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