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Event Date : 23 Jan, 2019 05:30 PM - 23 Jan, 2019 07:15 PM

Summary :

Discomfort, Anxiety, Humiliation: ‘Negative’ Affects in Modern Moral Philosophy and Contemporary Pedagogy

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UCL Institute of Education 20 Bedford Way, Room 828
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Modern philosophical accounts of moral development often emphasise one of the following: (i) a sudden inflection point, (ii) a feeling of disorientation, and (iii) a central role for ‘negative’ emotions such as humiliation or anxiety. These characteristics are pronounced in theories where developmental mechanisms (dialogue, socialisation) are regarded as inadequate: early Heidegger is a prime example. I examine connections and divergences between these trends and contemporary work by Boler, Harbin and others on disorientation and discomfort in teaching. Having juxtaposed these authors with Heidegger, I contrast them with the moral role allotted to humbling or humiliation by Immanuel Kant.

Sacha Golob is a Senior Lecturer in Philosophy at King’s College London and the Co-Director of the Centre for Philosophy and the Visual Arts (CPVA). Before joining King’s, he was a Fellow at Peterhouse, Cambridge. He has published extensively on modern French and German Philosophy and the Philosophy of Art. His current research looks at contemporary conceptions of transformation, virtue and degeneration.

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