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Event Date : 05 Oct, 2018 09:00 AM - 07 Oct, 2018 05:00 PM

Summary :

New Researchers in Philosophy of Education (NRiPoE)
From the margins

New Researchers' Seminar Details

Venue :
School of Education, Queen’s University, Belfast
City :

Following the success of last year’s NRiPoE, we are pleased to invite new researchers in philosophy of education to participate in a second seminar which focuses on philosophy of education from the margins.

The importance of the marginal should not be underestimated. The force of change from the margins is felt each time damaging or oppressive conventions or institutions are challenged or overturned: the legalising of same-sex marriage; the increased cultural awareness and tolerance of LGBT people; the recognition of social models of disability; the acknowledgement of women, people of colour, children, and the aged as credible ‘knowers’ of their own experiences. But marginals also challenge the very definition of ‘the centre’, and the privilege of the perceived centre to name things, to say what others are doing, who they are, and what they know, without them having any say in the process.

Change is the result of years of agitation, strategic fighting and pressure on the centre from those outside it, with the result that some marginalised groups are now well known and have had remarkable impact on the centre: women, LBGT communities, disabled people, and ethnic groups, for example. But what of other marginalised groups who are working or evolving on the margins and about whom we may yet know little? Online subcultural communities, for example, who are important for the negotiation of marginalised identities, providing alternate normative frameworks that replace or supplement common cultural understandings of certain practices or groups.

In this seminar we are interested in how people on the margins rebel or protest against, or make their presence known, or not, to the centre. We invite papers from new researchers in philosophy of education that are exploring ideas, issues, experiences and ways of doing research ‘from the margins’. The papers can focus on any underrepresented group to explore the whys and hows of their marginalisation, and what philosophers of education can do to understand and/or address their marginalisation.

The aim of the seminar is to support new researchers by inviting participants to comment constructively on each other’s papers.

Travel Expenses

Travel expenses of up to £120, meals and accommodation for 12 participants will be funded by the PESGB. We also organise the accommodation and restaurants.


If you are interested in taking part, please submit an abstract of 250 words. If your abstract is accepted, you will then be asked to develop a paper of 2000 words maximum to be submitted. The timeline for submission of abstracts, notfication of acceptance, and full papers is:

Abstracts (250 words) - Friday 27 July
Invitation to develop full paper - Friday 3 August
Developed papers (2000 words) - Friday 31 August
Mail papers to participants - Monday 3 September
Organise by theme - Friday 21 September
Notification of themed groups - Friday 28 September

Full details available here.

Queries and abstracts should be mailed to:

Organising team:

  • Alison MacKenzie (Queen’s University)
  • Murray Robertson (University of Roehampton)
  • Judith Suissa (UCL Institute of Education)

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