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Event Date : 17 May, 2017 02:00 PM - 17 May, 2017 04:00 PM

Summary :

Real Education
Emile Bojesen (Winchester University)

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Venue :
Liverpool Hope University, Hope Campus (L16 9JD), Eden 013
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Joris Vlieghe (

In Gilles Deleuze’s book on Henri Bergson, Bergsonism, he describes the future ‘real’ as the producer of the present ‘possible’ rather than the other way around. In his reading, the real ‘project[s] backward’ and conditions what is considered possible. We can see how this relationship plays out in contemporary educational contexts, where the projected outcome circumscribes what is possible and even desirable in and through educational experience: we know exactly what is intended to be produced (grades) and why (jobs). In opposition to this relationship between the real and the possible Deleuze also locates in Bergson the concepts of the virtual and the actual, which are associated with the production of difference and creativity. It is easy to get excited (as many have) about the pedagogical potential of these latter concepts but the more difficult task is, perhaps, to negotiate our relationship with the seemingly intractable and magnetic integration of the real and possible in contemporary educational institutions. This paper will suggest that embracing ‘real education’ in all its superficiality might, counterintuitively, produce the conditions for a more desirable virtual and actual education.

Participation is free. All are welcome.

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