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Strathclyde Branch Seminar

Event Date : 10 May, 2017

Summary :

Apolitical education
Emile Bojesen (University of Winchester)

Strathclyde Branch Seminar Details

Oxford Branch Seminar

Event Date : 09 May, 2017

Summary :

A comparative study of religious education policy in Turkey and England
Abdurrahman Hendek

Oxford Branch Seminar Details

Bedford Branch Seminar

Event Date : 08 May, 2017

Summary :

Philosophy as Education: The Educative Possibilities of Philosophy with the Community
Dr Amanda Fulford (Leeds Trinity University)

Bedford Branch Seminar Details

London Branch Seminar

Event Date : 03 May, 2017

Summary :

Sense-Making from a Human Point of View
Prof. Adrian Moore (Oxford University)

London Branch Seminar Details

London Branch Seminar

Event Date : 26 Apr, 2017

Summary :

Race and racism as technologies of affect: Implications for antiracist politics and practice in education
Michalinos Zembylas (Open University of Cyprus)

London Branch Seminar Details

South East Branch Seminar

Event Date : 26 Apr, 2017

Summary :

Friendship in the virtual world
Mary Healy, Roehampton University

South East Branch Seminar Details

Birmingham Branch Seminar

Event Date : 21 Mar, 2017

Summary :

Self-assertion, university/ies and turbulence: learning from Heidegger
Rebecca Rosewarne, University of Birmingham

Birmingham Branch Seminar Details

Call for Chapters

Event Date : 20 Mar, 2017

Summary :

Committee School Rovigliano-Alice Hallgarten Franchetti

Call for Chapters Details

North West Branch Seminar

Event Date : 15 Mar, 2017

Summary :

Educational Theory, Rhetoric, and the Construction of Society
Tomasz Szkudlarek from University of Gdańsk (Poland)

North West Branch Seminar Details

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