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Bedford Branch Seminar

Event Date : 21 Apr, 2016

Summary :

Liberty, Education and the Public Space
Dr Geoff Hinchliffe (University of East Anglia)

Bedford Branch Seminar Details

North West Branch Seminar

Event Date : 20 Apr, 2016

Summary :

A place for the family as ‘an intergenerational site’ in a time of ‘learning environments’: A critical investigation through the case of FamCompass
Philippe Noens (Laboratory for Education and Society, University of Leuven, Belgium)

North West Branch Seminar Details

Cambridge Branch Seminar

Event Date : 16 Mar, 2016

Summary :

An Arendtian perspective on inclusive education:  towards a reimagined vocabulary
Morten Timmermann Korsgaard, Aarhus University

Cambridge Branch Seminar Details

West Yorkshire Branch Seminar

Event Date : 15 Mar, 2016

Summary :

Teacher Resilience: A Discourse on Empowerment or Retention?
Andrew Pearce from Leeds Trinity’s Institute of Childhood and Education

West Yorkshire Branch Seminar Details

Birmingham Branch Seminar

Event Date : 15 Mar, 2016

Summary :

Self-interest, flourishing and teaching environmental ethics
Matthew Sinnicks, University of Birmingham

Birmingham Branch Seminar Details


Event Date : 14 Mar, 2016

Summary :

Transitionalist Pragmatism and Education

This international seminar series interrogates Koopman's transitionalist pragmatism in the context of philosophy of education. This first part occurring over 14-15 March brings together philosophers to examine the conceptual issues.  The purpose of this seminar series is to explore a line of thinking in American philosophy that may allow us to transform the reception and understanding of philosophical pragmatism in the UK and beyond.  

Seminar Details

Edinburgh Branch Seminar

Event Date : 10 Mar, 2016

Summary :

Extended and Socially Extended Knowledge in Education
Dr. S. Orestis Palermos Research Fellow in Philosophy, University of Edinburgh

Edinburgh Branch Seminar Details

London Branch Seminar

Event Date : 02 Mar, 2016

Summary :

What is radical philosophy of education?
Paul McLaughlin (University of Limerick)

London Branch Seminar Details

South Coast Branch Seminar

Event Date : 02 Mar, 2016

Summary :

"Should a School be Reckoned Good only 'if the children have a good time'?"
Professor Simon Glendinning, London School of Economics 

South Coast Branch Seminar Details

Royal Institute of Philosophy Lecture

Event Date : 01 Mar, 2016

Summary :

‘Caretakers of Nowhen’
Adrian Heathfield, Professor of Visual Culture and Performance

Royal Institute of Philosophy Lecture Details

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