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Event Date : 20 Nov, 2018 04:15 PM - 20 Nov, 2018 05:30 PM

Summary :

Epistemic Corruption, Integrity, and the Impact Agenda
Ian James Kidd, University of Nottingham

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Venue :
Humanities Research Institute Conference Room, Upper Hanover Street
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Organiser :
Ansgar Allen & Joshua Forstenzer

Contemporary critical discourses about higher education warn that many of the structures, incentives, and pressures on academics are crowding out certain virtues (such as humility and curiosity) and promoting certain vices, such as arrogance, egoism, and insensibility. These are concerns about epistemic corruption, which occurs when agents come to acquire epistemic vices due to their interaction with social conditions that facilitate their exercise. The case study for this talk is the impact agenda as it is developing in the UK and Australia. Using data from interviews with British and Australian academics, several features of the impact agenda are identified that promote the development and exercise of epistemic vices - specifically the alethic vices, opposed to truthfulness.

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