Gregynog Conference marks PESGB's 50th Anniversary

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Author :
Paul Standish and Naomi Hodgson


Ieuan Lloyd, who held the first philosophy of education conference at Gregynog Hall in 1981, studied philosophy at Swansea and has both professional and personal connections with what might be called ‘Swansea Wittgensteinianism’. This year’s theme both celebrates these long-standing relationships and the variety and educational import of philosophy inspired by the work of Wittgenstein.

After graduating from Swansea, Ieuan Lloyd held a senior position at Stockwell College of Education in London and subsequently moved to Birmingham University, where he worked initially with Robert Dearden. In the last years of his career he returned to Swansea to teach in the Philosophy Department. Ieuan had grown up in Swansea, where D.Z. Philips was a childhood friend. As students, Ieuan and Dewi were taught by Rush Rhees, with whom they maintained close connections until his death in 1989.

Rhees, who was himself a student and friend of Wittgenstein, was at the heart of Swansea Wittgensteinianism. Its influence spread internationally - most notably through the dynamic and enormously energetic figure of Philips himself, but also through numerous others – Roy Holland, Peter Winch, Dick Beardsmore, Ihlam Dilman, Howard Mounce, David Cockburn, Mario Von Der Ruhr, and Cathy Rowett, who will be present at this year’s conference. It continues to be widely influential and to flourish in the activities of the Welsh Philosophical Society, which last year enjoyed its 50th anniversary, and in the journal Philosophical Investigations.

Gregynog Hall, which throughout this period has been the University of Wales conference centre, has been an important location for this work, and - in addition to its intrinsic attractions - it has continued to be a powerful draw for those sympathetic to this tradition. Ieuan's establishment of the PESGB Philosophy of Education Conference at this delightful place has been a major contribution to our activities. Long may it flourish!

To book your place at this year's Gregynog Conference, which runs from Monday 27th to Wednesday 29th July, visit the Gregynog Conference page for full details.

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